The 51,000 m2 "Steinfabrik Areal" is to be converted for residential, service and commercial use in accordance with special planning and building regulations. It is located directly on the lake of Zurich and within walking distance of the railway station. To the east it borders on the "Frauenwinkel" nature reserve and to the west on the historic Unterdorf, both inventories of particular importance protected by federal law.


Close to the railway station in Sursee an urban district arises. Located in the «Southern Industry» of Sursee, on an area of about 28'000 m2, more than 500 residential units and more than 1'000 m2 of service spaces will be realized.

Attractively-priced apartments for rent and private-ownership,
business areas and areas for retail stores will be part for the future development of the new district «Münchrüti». Everything that is desirable for relaxed living and an optimal working environment unfolds around the attractively designed outdoor and meeting for the public. Through modern architecture and a variety of living arrangements, living spaces are created for all generations.